Sunday, August 24, 2008

New coach and faces coming soon


F.C.Phosphor will find a new head coach for the team. After they failed to get Darus Tanjung into the Club. Darus Tanjung are now in the PERLU F.C. making a good process after they when to the semi final in the Div 3. The Manager now have lost interest to get him instead he will try to get the Haji Omar From Project Ikan Pusu. F.C.Phosphor have link him to become the Head coach after a good progress under the Brunei Youth Team. He Lead the team with out loses to the Southeast Asia Team. Other coach that will be in F.C.Phosphor is Ak Shahbuddin. He will be the Technical Skills Development after Nazib failed to attend the training to coach due to work. So far Both of them have been linked to be coaching the F.C.Phosphor. They will start training on next Tuesday. F.C.Phosphor will be having a friendly match against A.M.Gunners or Gurkha. The matches will be confirm on Monday. Either matches will be taken before Coming Ramadhan.

6th Friendly Match

1st away Match to Tutong at Sinaut Football Field DRAW 1-1

F.C.Phosphor 1st draw at Tutong after they drew to Luagan Duduk 1-1. Mohd Khairul Anuar make a lead in the second half. Although chances in the 1st half, F.C.Phosphor control the game but did not finished it well. F.C.Phosphor nearly won the game after Luagan duduk scored a late equaliser 1-1. Bulat misses his 1st cleansheet in the match. Hoping for a win in away match but in the end, end up with a draw. F.C.Phosphor lost the game control in the second half.

1st half : Bulat, Shuif, Ali, Nazmi, Felix, Ruze, Didi, Diman, Hafiz, Yong, Aiman, Subs :Julian, Nashrin, Sai, Yoy, Remy, Izzat

2nd Half : Bulat, Shuif, Ali, Izzat, Saifuddin, Remy, Diman, Hafiz, Yoy, Aiman, Julian. Subs been used : Nazmi(Izzat), Felix(Saifuddin), Ruze(Remy), Didi(Yoy), Yong(Julian), Yoy(Nashrin)

Scored : Yoy

Man of the Match : Shuif

Refree : unknown

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Shah United Futsal Tournament... ROAD TO JKR

Phosphor in Group E
F.C.Phosphor Futsal Team will be facing A.K.A FC, Projek Ikan Pusu, Squad 16, Fireball 'B' and DC Milan. Phosphor will be having their game on Sunday 24/08/2008 at 08:00a.m. There are few changes in the team. Phosphor GK Futsal Effendi known as "HERO" was injured during a friendly match and there is still no gk to be replaced. Possibility Bulat or Hafiz Isa will become the Phosphor Gk' Phosphor will try to find a new GK for replacement before this Sunday. As Noradime, he couldnt join the tournament because of family affairs. SO far only 2 changes in the team.

1/ Diman 6/ Qawi
2/ Hafiz 7/ Fahmi
3/ Ezrith 8/ Felix
4/ Jack 9/
5/ Harris 10/

DREAMS Gone, Embarrassment and Faith are gone....
F.C.Phosphor are well known in Futsal Lost 3 times and 2 draw lead them out of the Tournament. A disappointing match lead to the F.C.Phosphor became Hero to Zero. F.C.Phosphor are now looking for new players after most of the player have been taken and injured and lost commitment. Now, F.C.Phosphor have to start from Zero. Changes will be taken. F.C.Phosphor will now have to find 10 more new player for futsal to begin a new ERA.

5th Friendly Match

F.C.Phosphor reserve team 1st debut
F.C.Phosphor Reserve team will take on Student at Sekolah Menegah Berakas. F.C.Phosphor will try to make their 1st reserve team win. Most of the player will be their 1st Debut. Neco, Muiz, Syarin, Izzat, Saifuddin, lastly the brothers Sebastian and Bernard are the one will be on form tomorrow. An experince player Azamin known as Puteh will be their captain. Puteh will be playing midfield together with Syarin. The manager looking forward on this friendly match to pick on glory. Two new players from club are Azuat and Aiman. Aiman had his 1st debut match on Muara Vella Reserve team and scored his 1st goal. As for Azuat he came to join F.C.Phosphor from Majra F.C.

1st half : Neckwendy, Julian, Nashrin, Izzat, Saifuddin, Syarin, Puteh, Muiz, Neco, Azuat, Aiman. Subs: Jefferi, Labut, Bob, Sebastian, Hafizuddin, Mohd Aminuddin, Mohd Khairul Anuar.

Unbelievable lost 0-4 at MTSSR

The reserve team lost heavily to the student Sekolah Menengah Berakas. An error at the 1st half lead to 1-0 with an embarrassment goal. Bulat looses his catch and made and own goal to him self. F.C.Phosphor were manipulate in the 1st half. And later in the second half it made a huge defeat for F.C.Phosphor 0-4.

1st half : Neckwendy, Julian, Nashrin, Izzat, Saifuddin, Syarin, Puteh, Muiz, Sebastian, Azuat, Hafizuddin. Subs: Jefferi, Labut, Bob, Nickwindy, Hafizuddin, Mohd Aminuddin, Mohd Khairul Anuar, Aiman.

2nd : Neckwendy, Julian, Nashrin, Bob, Mohd Aminuddin, Labut, Puteh, Jefferi, Mohd Khairul Anuar, Nickwindy, Aiman. Subs: Jefferi(Izzat), Labut(Syarin), Bob(Izzat), Sebastian(Mohd Khairul Anuar) , Hafizuddin(Aiman), Mohd Aminuddin(Saifuddin).

Man of the Match : Julian

Ref : Mohd Ali Shuif

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Friday, August 15, 2008

Friendly Matches Pic

Training Photos

Enjoy the training guys!!!

More than 21 Players sign Phosphor contracts

06/08/2008, more than 21 players sign F.C.Phosphor contracts. Mostly of them sign the contract from 1 year to 2 years. Hope everything goes well during signing the contracts. Mohd Zahirudin was one of the good player that just sign in and Sharin. The youngster like Syarin, Yoy, also sign for the contracts. The Captain Abdul Hafiz will sign the contract on 19/08/2008, together with the other 13 players.

9 Aside Tournment

9 Aside PBDBM in 2nd place
F.C.Phosphor 'A' failed to won after they were defeated by Mutiara United 1-0. An error from Amirul lead a goal in 1st half 1-0. The players are exhausted but they still trying their best. They lost 2 striker at the round robin. Noradime did well n this tournament, he scored 4 goals and assits 1 goal. As for F.C.Phosphor 'B' they lost 3 straight games and 1 won. The manager hopes The two teams reaches to the final, but only 1 team make it through the final.

Fcphosphor Participates few events tounament
Phosphor A will be facing Mutiara United, Miisa United, Panchor Murai 'B' and 9 ball. As Phosphor B will be facing Bandit, Abu Sayaff, Spark United and Panchor Murai 'A'. Both team will be playing at menglait. The 1st game will be Bandit Vs Abu Sayaff follow by Mutiara United Vs Phosphor 'A', then Phosphor 'B' vs Spark United. So far phosphor player are on form after they beat Muara Vella Reserve team 4-1. Sharin who top scorer in the Phosphor having 3 goals in 4 matches. He will try his best to score more goals and Abdul Hafiz will be the playmaker. This Sunday will be the history.

Another 2 more cups that F.C.Phosphor join are SirionActive Futsal Cup and Shah United Futsal Cup. Phosphor will be facing SOAS'A', Santos Fc, AH United 'A' and Taz Futsal on 12 August 2008 at JKR. As for Shah United Futsal Cup phosphor will be playing on the 24 August 2008. This show phosphor are looking for glory.

Out in the 1st round
No luck in the Miisa Utd 9 aside Cup. F.C.Phosphor who lose to Lingyu 1-0 had a bad game. Abdul Hapiz the F.C.Phosphor Captain was disappointed when the team did not have a good game. Mohd Nurul Zulhilmi save a wonderful freekick during 1st half. In the 2nd half the Lingyu had a goal with a wonderful header. The player was unmark, and Mohd Nurul Zulhilmi couldn't save it. It was a last minute trill goal.

1st half: Mohd Nurul Zulhilmi, Abdul Hapiz(C), Mohd Azamin, Mohd Hafizzudin, Mohd Adib, Mohd Ali Shuif, Mohd Ali, Mohd Nazmi, Mohd Nazrin. Subs been used: None

2nd Half: Mohd Nurul Zulhilmi, Abdul Hapiz(C), Mohd Azamin, Mohd Hafizzudin, Mohd Adib, Mohd Ali Shuif, Mohd Ali, Mohd Nazmi, Ak Shariani. Subs been used: Ak Shariani(Mohd Nazrin), Mohd Hafizzudin(Sharin),

F.C.Phosphor will meet Lingyun in the 9 aside cup
F.C.Phosphor will be facing Lingyun in the 1st round match 9 aside cup. F.C.Phosphor still need to recruit new players after 3 friendly matches did not show a good performance. Assistant coach recommend to sign a new coach to be with him to coach the player to have a good performance. He once coach the PSK Police Diraja Brunei, the name of the coach is Mahdi Suhardi Bin Morsidi and goal keeper coach is Norrezam Bin Nordi. So far Assistant coach have scout few players, probably by the next week new players will be register. Hope in the 9 aside the players are ready to meet their opponents. They will have to face 6 matches to get through the final.

14 players listed on 9 aside cup
1/ Mohd Norul Zulhilmi (GK)
2/ Bernard Koo (RB)
3/ Mohd Ali (CB)
4/ Mohd Ali Shuif (CB)
5/ Mohd Nazmi (CB)
6/ Mohd Nazmi (LW)
7/ Noradime (LW)
8/ Mohd Adib (ST)
9/ Abdul Hapiz (MF)
10/ Mohd Shahruze (RW)
11/ Mohd Azamin (ST)
12/ Mohd Hafizudin (ST)
13/ Jack (RW)
14/ G-Boy (MF)

This 14 players will be play on this Sunday. Hope the 1st game with Lingyun F.C.Phosphor make a good start. The manager hope that, Abdul Yazid, Sharin, Mohd Khairul Anuar can play in this tournament. But then injuries have make the decision to drop the players.

Futsal Tournament

Knock out in the round RobinF.C.Phosphor did not get through the second round in the sirion active futsal. F.C.Phosphor Lost to twice and won twice. F.C.Phosphor Futsal have to work hard to get more trohpies.

3 More tournaments to go before Puasa

F.C.Phosphor have entered 3 more tournaments to get new experience and cup. 2 futsal tournament and 1 football field tournament. Shah Unitedfutsal cup will be held in this month together with active sirion futsal cup. 9 aside football field will be held 10.08.08 at the menglait football field.

F.C.Phosphor also scout players for girls. They will be phosphor girls. Glory to F.C.Phosphor in 2008.

Can F.C.Phosphor Futsal bring Bow Cup again?

13 July 2009 F.C.Phosphor Futsal will try to bring Bow Cup again. After the past tournament F.C.Phosphor have been once champions in the bow cup 2007 and 3rd place in 2007. In 1 year F.C.Phosphor have made a great performance in 2007 in the Bow Cup. So can the players do it again.

X-Biz Futsal Tournament
FC Phosphor had enter X-biz Futsal cup 2008. So far in Xbiz futsal tournament, 2008 is the great history because FC Phosphor finished 4th place. 2 team enter the tournament and FC Phosphor 'B' finished 4th and FC Phosphor 'A' knock out in the round robin.

Great performances from the team. F.C.Phosphor 'B' make it to 4 th places. They lose in the penalty shoot out. F.C.Phosphor which 2-0 left behind and make a great result 3-3. hakim scored the 1st goal follow by ezrith and mas. So far so good. F.C.Phosphor will be entering Shah united futsal cup and 9 aside liga daerah cup. 1st ever achivement in X-Biz futsal Cup.

4th Friendly Match

F.C.Phosphor beat Muara Villa Reserve 4-1
A great start for the F.C.Phosphor after they defeat Muara Villa Reserve team 4-1. It was a great match, both team did well. But unfortunately there are still a lot to learn. Mistake in the friendly matches could improve alot. Felix which make an error in the 1st half make Muara Villa Reserve score the goal. Before that F.C.Phosphor lead the game by-0 a scored from a penalty by Aiman. After the equalize Sharin scored a goal and make it 2-1. Later in the second half he scored his 2nd goal, Sharin has a potential in scoring make his 4th appearance in the friendly with 3 goals. A good game from him. The 4 th goal was scored by Abdul Muiz. A good start for F.C.Phosphor to challenge the net cup.

1st half : Mirul, Felix, Nashrin, Ali, Nazmi, Ruze, Hapiz, Azamin, Mohd Khairul Anuar, Sharin, Aiman. Subs Been Used : Ali(Julian), Mohd Khairul Anuar(Didi), Ruze (Bob), Nazmi(Dmi), Felix(Labot).

2nd half : Mirul, Bob, Dmi, Julian, Nashrin, Hapiz, Didi, Azamin, Labot, Aiman, Sharin. Subs Been Used : Hapiz(abdul Muiz), Nashrin(Syarin), Sharin(Hafizuddin), Aiman(Saifuddin)

Goal Scorer: Aiman(Pen), Sharin 2x, Abdul Muiz

Man of the Match: Sharin

Referee: Labot and Ruze

3rd Friendly Match

Airtech who once runner-up team against Bukit Udal FC in the Toyota Avanza 9 aside cup. Bukit Udal who beat them 1-0 in the final, 2007. Now, F.C.Phosphor is making a test on 2nd July against the mighty team at the Balapan Stadium. F.C.Phosphor is still seeking to win in the friendly matches. They hope to get great result on the great match. In the training ground, Assistant coach Nazib will brief the game on the 2nd July. Nazib want to see their performance before the players are going to the 9 aside cup. Recently on the friendly matches, few players show their potential like Mohd Khairul Anuar, Mohd Nazrin, Mohd Nazmi, Mohd Ali Shuif, Mohd Ali, Abdul Hapiz, Mohd Azamin and Sharin show great performance on the game. Hope they show their performance on this coming 9 aside matches and up coming 9aside tournament.

Few players have been link to join F.C.Phosphor, that is Mirul the Goalkeeper. G-Boy Ex-Majra was also been link to join F.C.Phosphor.

Not a good performance from the F.C.Phosphor after they lost again 1-2 to Airtech. They still struggle to find their system of playing in F.C.Phosphor. So far F.C.Phosphor has conceded 2 goals in every matches. Mohd Abilah 2 times error in goalkeeper gave 2 goals conceded in the 1st half. Although Abdul Yazid who scored his 1st Debut game make F.C.Phosphor lead by 1-0 in the 1st half. A terrible start for F.C.Phosphor. The game that should be a great match, but it was disappointed. Few players, will be drop to 2nd squad.

1st half : Hafizuddin, Sharin, Mohd Nazrin, Sharuze, Abdul Yazid, Mohd Khairul Anuar, Rishmanoor, Mohd Ali(C), Julian, Nazmi, Abilah. Subs Been used : None

2nd half : Hafizuddin, Mohd Azamin, Hafiz, Abdul Yazid, Mohd Nazrin, Shahruze, Rishmanoor, Mohd Ali(C), Shuif, Nazmi, Amirul. Subs been used : Sahrin(Azamin), Mohd Khairul Anuar(Hafiz), Julian (Shuif), Shahruze(Muiz), Hafiz(Bernard), Rishmanoor(Sebastian), Hafizuddin(Syarin), Mohd Nazrin(Ak Khairul Azmi)

Goal Scorer: Abdul Yazid

Man of the Match: Abdul Yazid

Referee: Rahim

2nd Friendly Match

F.C.Phosphor had lost to Bimas F.C. 2-1. F.C.Phosphor had a chance to grab a winning goal. But chances are given away when the manager told the assistant coach to change tactics and change a number of player to change. This effect the performance of the game. F.C.Phosphor had a good game in the 1st half and a goal by Sharin with the assists of hafizuddin. A shot from hafizuddin nearly made a goal from a distance. Mohd Zulhilmi show a great performance with a great safe in the 1st half and the 2nd half. But in the 2nd half although Zulhilmi show great performance, the players performance is down when the manager chance a lot of player. In the end offside goal from Bimas F.C. is given for their 1st goal and 2nd goal Zulhilmi was grab by the player opponent that should be foul. But in the end the referee Rojiman gave the goal. The manager looks disappointed because the players had show their effect that they can beat Bimas F.C. Mhad Ali Shuif and Mohammad Ali both show their defense very well. The next game will be facing Airtech F.C. at Balapan Football Field. The players are fully ready to face any opponent.

1st half : Mohammad Zulhilmi, Mohammad Nazmi, Sebastian, Mohd Ali Shuif, Mohammad Ali, Mohd Khairul Anuar, Mohd Nazrin, Mohd Amirul Syarin, Mohd Azamin(C), Sharin, Mohd Hafizuddin. Subs been used during 1st half - None

2nd half : Mohammad Zulhilmi, Mohammad Nazmi, Sebastian, Mohd Ali Shuif, Mohammad Ali, Mohd Khairul Anuar, Mohd Nazrin, Rishmahnoor, Mohd Azamin(C), Sharin, Mohd Hafizuddin. Subs Been used during 2nd half - Mohammad Nazmi (Bernard), Mohd Amirul Syarin (Rishmahnoor), Mohd Khairul Anuar (Shahruze), Sebastian (Dmi), Mohd Nazrin (Julian), Mohd Azamin (Ak Khairul Azmi), Sharin(Hapiz), Mohd Hafizuddin (Muiz), Ak Khairul Azmi (Munif).

Goal Scorer: Sharin

Man of the Match: Mohd Nazrin

Yellow Card: Abdul Muiz

Referee: Rojiman

1st Friendly Match

1st game
The 1st friendly matches with the MD student drew 2-2. MD student take the lead 1st goal with a defend error which the goal is given a chip and later an Equalizer from Mohammad Khairul Anuar with his left foot volley. Later Abdul hapiz scored with a wonderful chip in the second half. About 3 minutes MD student gets its equalizer with the header form the corner. It was a disappointed match, the assistant coach says that they can won it easily but they missed their chances to get the winning goal. The phosphor did not had their game very well. Only a few players get their game on the head. Mohd Norul Zulhilmi and Neckwelly Amera gave his form on the 1st half very well, they show their perfomance very well. Mohd Ali Shuif is the solid defend during the game. he show his ability and his knowledge during the game. 1st debut to all players.

1st half : Mohammad Zulhilmi, Mohammad Ali Shuif, Julian, Mohd Iz'zat, Mohd Saifuddin, Abdul Hapiz(C), Rismahnoor, Mohammad Khairul Anuar, Mohd Hapiz, Sahrin, Mohd Hafizudin. Subs been used during 1st half - Mohd Hapiz (Shahruze)

2nd half : Neckwelly Amera, Ak Mohd Nurhamzi, Bernard Koo, Mohd Ali Shuif, Junior, Abdul Hapiz(C), Mohammad Munif, Mohd Khairul Anuar, Shahruze, Abdul Muiz, Mohd Nazrin, Subs been used during 2nd half - Mohammad Zulhilmi (Neckwelly Amera), Julian (Junior), Rismahnoor (Mohammad Munif), Sahrin (Abdul Muiz), Mohd Hafizudin Mohd (Nazrin),
Abdul Hapiz (Amirul Syarin), Mohd Iz'zat (Bernard Koo), Mohd Saifuddin (Ak Mohd Nurhamzi), Shahruze (Ak Mohd Reduan).

Injuries during match: Munif - Ankle Sprain, Abdul Hapiz - Minor Hamstring, Khairul Anuar - Minor Hamstring, Saifuddin bruise Leg, Muiz bruise leg.

Goal Scorer: Mohd Khairul Anuar, Abdul Hapiz

Man of the Match: Mohd Khairul Anuar

Referee: Ruslan