Friday, August 7, 2009

F.C.Phosphor entered Kejohanan Futsal Perayaan Ulang Tahun Hari Keputeraan

Kejohanan Futsal Perayaan Ulang Tahun Hari Keputeraan tournament are held at Indoor Stadium. F.C.Phosphor are one of the team participates out of 35 teams. F.C.Phosphor are in group E where there will be with PJJ F.C, Curio Impact, M3k FC and Bukit Bendira. Top two teams will be entered the second round. F.C.Phosphor are losing players like the Famous no7 Muhd Fahmi went to A.M.Gunners, Abdul Hafiz the Mastermind no 2 and No 1 F.C.Phosphor GK alias "HERO" Effendi went to Syahkampong. F.C.Phosphor are lining up new futsal players like Faisal, Azrul, Ekmal, Saldi Sofian from Airtech and Syarin. These new players are new strategy for the F.C.Phosphor Futsal Players. The Famous 5 use to be Effendi, Diman, Hafiz, Dmi and Fahmi. Now, F.C.Phosphor will now have to make a new era in this tournament where F.C.Phosphor are missing important player like Abdul Hafiz, Fahmi and Effendi. The players that are selected for the squad are Dman(c), Dmi, Adib, Uda, Natok, Azrul, Saldi, Faisal, Ekmal, Syarin and 2 more slots are to be confirm. F.C.Phosphor will had their 1st game against Curio Impact. This tournament is the 2nd grand tournament. The 1st was the Brunei Futsal Tournament where missing key players on the squad.

7 aside Tounament Fixtures

F.C.Phosphor A players are Abdul Hafiz(c), Fai, Faisal, Aiman, Shahruze, Saifol, Nazmi, Morsidi and Arif(GK).
F.C..Phosphor B players are Diman(c), Labot, Ekmal, Syarin, Pie, Yoy, Ali, Shah and Mirul(GK).

Group A Teams
  1. Pai B
  2. F.C.Phosphor B
  3. MBS United
  4. Dragon United
  5. Kilanas F.C.
  6. STR F.C.
Group B Teams
  1. MB5
  2. F.C.Phosphor A
  3. Sabli's F.C.
  4. Pai A
  5. Zucca F.C.
The top 2 teams will be enter to the semifinals and finals on that day. Good luck to all the players.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

7 aside Tounament

10 teams will be particpate 7 aside tournament on 15.08.09 at padang Menglait. F.C.Phosphor are sending two teams to expose the young players to gain more experience. 18 players have been selected. The manager hopes to see some changes in playing style because only 7 players will play in the field with only 2 subs. Hopes to see glory on 15.08.09. Go Phosphor...Go Phosphor...

F.C.Phosphor lost 3-2 to Muara Vella F.C.

Manager Muara Vella F.C. had a smile when a late goal at the second half that make it a winning goal 3-2. Muara Vella controlled the game in the 1st half which leads it 2-0 and F.C.Phosphor try to make chances and finally scored by Shahrul Azmi in one by one with the goalkeeper. He nearly make it 2 goals in the 1st half. A freekick taker shot by saifol when wide. Later in the second half Mohd Khairul Anuar make an equaliser. But in the end F.C.Phosphor defence cannot hold on, until a late goal came from Muara Vella midfielder. The match was great between the two clubs in F.C.Phosphor history. The match was at Padang Muara Balai Polis.