Thursday, November 13, 2008

Friendly Matches with Airtech

F.C.Phosphor make a friendly match to expose their young player. They lost 1-0 to the Airtech with a penalty goal. Mohd Hafiz nearly save the goal. The young goal keeper show it best to be the no 1 goal keeper. Chances were create but goals from the both side did not make it. So far the players have expose their game, to be preparation for the 11 side Cup. 18 players will be selected.

5 aside tournament

F.C.Phosphor A make it to the second round as for Team B. They did not make it. Both of the team did well, only lack of experience. Mohd Syarin, Mohd Hafizuddin, Bernard and Mohd Aminuddin make their 11st debut scored in this tournament. Phosphor A face Facai F.C. in this Sunday 16/11/08. They have been working so hard to show their fighting spirit to the club.

F.C.Phosphor out 9 aside BB-jaah Cup

F.C.Phosphor lost their 1 st game to NBT FC. NBT FC find their goal with an own goal by Julian. Effendi Haji Yati Tuah challenge Julian in the penalty box which led an error back pass which make a goal. Phosphor nearly make an equalizer from Abdul Hafiz when the ball strike off the bar. F.C.Phosphor goal Keeper Emmey make a wonderful saves against the NBT FC.

The second game F.C.phosphor drew against the Airtech,where Mohd Zahiruddin nearly make a goal. Chances was given to Mohd Zahiruddin, where he went 1 on 1 with the goal keeper. The match end up with 0-0.

The last match between BK 'A' was an upset decision by the referee. 2 penalties were given. Mohd Nazmi which tackle cleanly but the referee point it a penalty spot. The manager is furious with the decision because it was a dive. In the second half Mohd Ali make a foul inside the penalty box. another penalty was given. But Emmey show his perfomance, he make a few shot stopper and incredible saves. Emmey show his best in this tournament.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

8th Bow Cup

F.C.Phosphor futsal will be ready to face 8th Bow Cup again. After an excellent performance the team will try to won the Bow Cup again. F.C.Phosphor have once won in 2006. Group stages will be played at JKR.

BB-Jaah Cup tounament Draw,

F.C.Phosphor draw with Airtech, BK 'A' and Nbt Fc. The draw took place at Stadium Restaurant and was presented by Joe. There are 4 groups in the the Tournament. Phosphor have to work hard as their 1st match against NBT F.C. NBT F.C once won the B-League division 2 in 2005 and get promoted. They have an excellent player manage by the manager Murad. F.C.Phosphor will have to try hard to get their 1st match against the NBT F.C. Their 2nd game will be Airtech where Airtech and F.C.Phosphor have met once in the Friendly match. Phosphor lost 2-1 to them. 2 match will be held on 05.11.2008 and BK 'A' will be meet F.C.Phosphor on 09.11.2008. The manager hopes to win all the matches although the match are tough in the Group B. Tactics and formation will be discuss with the Manager and Head Coach Madi.

Phosphor lose penalty shootout thrill to pegastar

F.C.Phosphor futsal lost to Pegastar 'C' thrill 2-1. It was a great match. F.C.Phosphor lead the goal with Rosmini excellent freekick. F.C.Phosphor did well to hold their title of champion when the late goal from Pegastarlongshot make it 1-1. The penalty shootout lost to 2-1. Rosmini penalty shootout has been disallowed make the phosphor spirit down. The 7th Bow Cup belong to Pegastar.

No 14 legend F.CPhosphor star was a leading goal scorer for phosphor has left the team. He joined Sensasi for permanent. F.C.Phosphor Manager was proud to have him in his old days. He will be reminded as a truth legend.