Friday, July 29, 2011

FC Phosphor won 4-1

Sufi was given as the Man of the match of this game, his excellent performance did help phosphor won 4-1. 1st goal FC Phosphor was scored by Abdul Hafiz and was equalized 1-1 after an error mistake by FC Phosphor Goalkeeper Muhd Arif. Later Sheser heads the ball and make it 2-1 by Abdul Hafiz crossed. The 1st half match ended 2-1, the game getting better and better after the team talk. Sheser scored his second goal of the match and Joseph scored his 1st goal of the match assisted by Sheser. Few players have been trial on this match. Awang was one of the potential player of the game when he show some of his skill in the 2nd half. Jiwan played well also in this match and also few players that play.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Friendly Match between FC Phosphor and Sinmimra FC

18 players wil be selected in this match...Mohd Arif wil ve his full debut goalkeeper in this match Azwan will be rest for this futsal tournament on 31 Juy 2011 at JKR. The seected players wil be selected randomly. To get expose to some new players and Debut matches.

Date : 29th July 2011
Time : 4.30 pm ( Players will have to come before 30 mins earlier before the match )

For more information please contact the manager or Facebook Fan Page for more updates.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

FC Phosphor Picture Match against MPK Layong taken by Jamadil

Phosphor outcome MPK Layong 5-0

FC Phosphor has improve their second match against the MPK Layong 5-0 victory. Noradime the team captain has proved that the team have done well and they should do played every matches like this. Assistant manager Mohd Ali are very pleased with the result as 2 new youth players were brought in this match. Sheser gets a scoresheet which leads fcphosphor 1 nil and later by Joseph with a penalty kick. Sufi was the one to get the scoresheet but the MPK Layong defender catches the ball and get straight red card of the game.

In the second half Fadilah get his 1st debut goal of the tutong league where he dribbles the ball and get a scoresheet. Later that Sheser was substitue by Affandi and he gets 2 goal and was assisted by Soffy and Sufian. The manager was very excited with the match and hopefully the performance in every match goes better and better.

Elmyhani Tournament photo taken by Jamadil

Saturday, July 9, 2011


FC Phosphor draws in group C with Kota Junior, Asmadi FC, JS FT and BC5. Players are listed 1)Jiwan, 2)Diman, 3)Hafiz, 4)Firdausi, 5)Adib, 6)Uda, 7) Sheser, 8)Ekmal, 9) Bulat 10) Adib (Fabio).

The match will be kick off at 3.00pm. Players are to be advised come early before the match. GOOD LUCK!!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

FC Phosphor picture taken by Jamadil

FC Phosphor picture taken by Jamadil

Phosphor edge Pekan Tutong 1-0

The manager was very pleased with the boys although Captain Saiful Rizal has been given a red card earlier 1st half game. The decision made but the refree was a straight red card, although saiful was the last defender but the opponent and the player ran into a soil which is has water on it and the player felt down. Altough the clubs have a tough match but has to maintain their position to make their defensive system. Phosphor did make an opening goal by Josesph assisted by Mohd Firdausi. Joseph take the advancetage when the Pekan Tutong lose the ball and joseph make a scoresheet.

Joseph which are lining up pairing with sheser did not give much impact in the 1st half attack. Samat are man of the moment where he played alot of position on that game. 7 subs are been uses during that game. Well done to the players to their greatest archieve although they play 10 men in the field.

Players: Azwan(GK), Morsidi(LB), Nazmi(RB), SaifulRizal(CB), Tam(CB), Firdausi(LW), Samat(RW), Mohd Ali(MD), Ekmal(MD), Sheser(ST), Joseph(ST). SUBS: Jiwan, Adib, Delfian, Hafiz, Shahbuddin, Sufi, Sufian