Thursday, November 6, 2014



Fc Phosphor are put in the DST FA CUP 2014. The weather was heavily raining before the match started. Refree committee are checking the field and says the game will be proceed. Fc Phosphor played excellent performance but luck goes to BSRC in the first half goal in 5 mins.

In the first half, syazwan and naim freekick nearly netted an equaliser. Hilman header was off target. Aman and Zaim where working very hard in the first half trying to make chances and opportunity. Naim nearly scored when his goal went out off target.

In the second half, FC Phosphor try to get goal but the BSRC FT goalkeeper denied the goal for Fc Phosphor. The game was totally controlled by the players where all of the players are in offense startegy. 

Fc Phosphor supporters chanted for a goal, but it they get through inside. The pitch are so very poor condition when it was raining. Fc Phosphor players lost the game after the referee give a 5 mins extra time.

"It was a nightmare for us, we should get a goal but we didnt get the ball in." Fc Phosphor coach. 

Fc Phosphor this is just the beginning, we are going to win next time, perharps our opponents should be ready when they meet Fc Phosphor.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Saturday, November 1, 2014

FC PHOSPHOR U17 training activate 17/11/2014

FC PHOSPHOR academy will be activate 17/11/2014. The training programme will be preparation for any upcoming league and also the improving the standard individual training for the youth. Since the achievement Telbru u16 league 2012, the club archieve to qualify to the Premier League stages. The club will have to replace few players in the squad by recruiting and train them. 

So far the club have recruited few players, and the are one of the capable and talented players in the squad. These players will be showing their talents and skill for the squad. 


Happy birthday to Naim Hj Tarif, the 3rd player to wear no 11 jersey after Khairul Uda and Joseph. Naim is been named one of the wonderful player to wear the no 11 jersey for 2 years. Former striker Joseph Fc Phosphor player who scored more goals during his career with 18 goals. Naim is turning 18 years old have scored alot of goals with in his u16 telbru league he score 12 goals and a hattrick. The opening match Naim scored his first senior game with a hattrick socreline. 

Come and read the exclusive interview with NAIM HJ TARIF

How do you reacts when you been selected to play with Fc Phosphor for the DST FA CUP 2014?
Honestly i didnt know anything about this club before but im looking forward and keen to play for this club. But coach azri approached me to join the club for the FA Cup during 2012, he was my brother's friend and we use to play street soccer together when i was like 12 or 13. So it was an easy decision for me,i just accept it straight away. 

What experience u get playing here?

FC Phosphor was my third club, i've gain alotbof experience playing here, i cant even described it. The club has help me get my confidence back.

What is ur first fc phosphor memories?
My first fc phosphor's memories was when we're competing in the FA Cup against MS PDB where we've been beaten 2-0. Without any preparation and training,we could have been beaten easily up to 5-0 to 6-0. But we didnt let them,we manage just 2 goals down to one of the most feared and experience team in brunei's league. 

Who are ur idol and motivation in the club?
Every single players was my idol for me and everyone in the club including the management itself motivate me and the others to push and do our best either in training or in the game.

And the first game you went to.....?
My first game was definately my first debut match against MS PDB in the FA Cup first round.

Do you have  favoutie ever game?
Every game was my favourite,but i have to go with a game against sewira u16 in the Telbru U16 National Youth League Qualifying where both us(fc phosphor) and Sewira fc were fighting for the last spot in the Telbru U16 National Youth League. We finished the qualification with style,we beat them 4-0.

Do u remember your beautiful goal?
When im going for a goal i didnt go for a beauty ,all im thinking is just to hit the ball pass through the keeper and put it in the net. But one of my favourite was when i scored my second goals in the 4-0 victory against Sewira fc in the play-off of the Telbru U16 National Youth League.

When u wearing the no 11 for the fc phosphor what do u feel? No 11 fc phosphor use to be wear by joseph and khairul uda.....
I feel great! I really want that number and i get it cause it was like my lucky number. I know the no 11 was once wore by one of the good player for this club so feel great to wear the jersey.

For the next game, DST FAC CUP 2014 what are your wish at since your birthday was on 01/11/2014?
Well I didnt wish for anything else, im just hoping that we can win every match in the FA Cup, especially this upcoming match against BSRT. I have set my focus for the next game and im looking forward for us to win the game. And im hoping i can at least scored one goal or at least set one for my teammates,cause as a striker i need to have a target and a goals for sure.

Naim Hj Tarif celebrates his first debut goal in the Telbru U16 League.