Monday, October 20, 2008

Phosphor new receipe before BB-Jaah tournament and Missa Utd 5 aside

The manager has appointed new head coach for the club. Madi was been appointed last week. A new "coaching receipe" has been introduced to the club. The players have to work hard to receive their goal. 2 tournaments will be held on November. As for futsal 24 October will be the Bow cup. F.C.Phosphor futsal has recruiting few players for the tournament. Pressure to the players and manager because some of the players having an Exam. BB-Jaah Cup, few clubs from DST-League will be playing, Such as QAF, Wijaya, MS ABDB, etcc. F.C.Phosphor will be the under dog in this tournament. They just have to work hard on this. F.C.Phosphor will be using import players from Ghana. The players will be at Brunei on 28/10/08 if the immigration permit allows the Ghana to Brunei. F.C.Phosphor will be using the import players for the 1st time.