Friday, January 9, 2009

Injury Reports 1st week January : Players

Few players reported injured during training ground.

Abdul Muiz : Hamstring on his left leg, given 1 week rest.
Status : Drop out 11 side BB-Jaah Cup. Abdul Muiz has just accomplished his new position Right Back.

Ak Khairul Azmi : Dislocated Shoulder, given 1 month rest.
Status : Drop out 11 side BB-Jaah Cup. He has alot of potential but injuries made him out of the selection.

Mohd Izzat : Hamstring on his right leg, given 1 week rest.
Status : Still under develop on skill and touches.

Last Year Pre-Season Training 2008

Tactics Briefing by Head Coach Madi

Monday, January 5, 2009

FCPhosphor to host Nfc

F.C.Phosphor will met Nfc for the 1st time in history. The team show great performance in their last friendly match against Red Dragon. Tengku Herdiman line up few youngsters in their last matches. The game was totally great. Mohd Nur Ikmal, Mohd Syarin and Mohd Nur Airf have a bright future in F.C.Phosphor. They show some potential and commitment in the training. Abdul Muiz recently, the manager change his positin to Right defender because to give him new experience.

Energetic right back Mohd nazmi and left back Morsidi earn themselves 1st team squad in the club. Both of them have the same ability. F.C.Phosphor will be prepare themselves for 4 days training to earn their achievement in this tournament. The team captain will be selected few days later.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Phosphor Azzuri 2009

New year Friendly match 2009

F.C.Phosphor starts their 1st match at Polo Football Field against Red Dragon F.C. F.C Phosphor drew their 1st match 2009. Great Opening match in the 1st half, Mohd Nur Ikmal scored his debut goal in the new year. Mohd Nur Ikmal is coming 15 years old in March scored his 1st ever debut goal assists by Mohd Azamin from his long ball through. Mohd Nur Ikmal also made an assists goal for Sham. A lovely Cross created from Ikmal and was headed through the net by Sham. The manager line up Mohd Syarin and Sham in the 1st half to watch their teamwork play on the field.

Mohd Nur Arif also played well in the game, he made a lot of save in the match. Chances scoring goals were open only finishing were very poor. Keep it up the good work guys. F.C.Phosphor have to work hard for 1 week before the game starts.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Few players Departure and new faces signing in

Mohd NurulZulhimi is one of F.C.Phosphor Goalkeeper to be departure. He told the manager that he want to be out of the club because the interest joining Jerudong F.C. He will be release at the end of this month until all the document are cleared. Mohd Nurul Zulhilmi was one of the best Goalkeeper in F.C.Phosphor where he played an excellent performance on the BB-Jaah 9 aside Cup. Bernad Koo and Sebatian both of them follow their instinct where they are going to leave the club. Mohd Nazrin was release from the club. Few players were out which are not into contracts.

Few young players joining in, there are Mohd Nur Arif, Morsidi, Nizam, Safiee, Sham and Pg Sharwan. They are now comforting themselves to the club. Tengku Herdiman are searching for a player for their upcoming league. F.C.Phosphor are going to complete the register to the police HQ of this organization than to the PBDBM to start their 1st ever league in history.

F.C.Phosphor face tough opponents

F.C.Phosphor will not show pushover in this tournament. Tengku Herdiman is trying to bring
new players in and some changes on the tactics. Previously, last year tactics was unsuccessfully and most of the training performance are going down. So far some changes when Head coach Surmardi sign on 16/11/08. There are some improvement on the players. BB-JAAh Cup draws with Airtech, PIP and NFC. F.C.Phosphor have a bad history with Airtech where they lost 2 times and a draw. Hope F.C.Phosphor will make it to the next round.

Few talented player that Tengku Herdiman recruit was Morsidi potential young player. He is good with both of his leg and sham who played for Wijaya F.C. before. Before the tournament starts, F.C.Phosphor will be having a friendly against red dragon at Polo Football Field. New tactics and set pieces will be apply on that game. Few players will be focus, like Morsidi, Juat, Ikmal, Arif, Muiz, Aiman. This players will be focus on their individual of the game and teamwork creativity.

F.C.Phosphor will be 1st ever meet with P.I.P and Nfc. The matches will be held on next Sunday at Menglait Football Field. They will meet their 1st match with Nfc on 11.01.09. F.C.Phosphor will have to work hard to earn their greatest achievement for this year.