Friday, September 12, 2008

Friendly Matches Preview Table

F.C.Phosphor 6 1 2 4 10 12 -2 5

Fixtures And Results

F.C.Phosphor vs MD Student 2-2 D Eyoy,Hafiz
F.C.Phosphor vs Bimas F.C 1-2 L Eboy
Airtech F.C. vs F.C.Phosphor 2-1 L Yazid
Muara Vella F.C Reserve vs F.C.Phosphor 1-4 W Eboy 2x, Aiman, Muiz
F.C.Phosphor Reserve vs Berakas Student 0-4 L Nil
Logan Duduk vs F.C.Phosphor 1-1 D Eyoy
A.M.Gunners Reserve vs F.C.Phosphor 2-1 L Eboy

Scorer Name Played Goals
Eboy 5 4
Eyoy 7 2
Hafiz 5 1
Muiz 5 1
Aiman 4 1
Yazid 1 1

Fc Phosphor hit the street

Previously on 11th september(wednesday) at around 9pm, fc phosphor took a light training at the street around maktab teknik. Basically, the club hasnt been training due to Ramadhan. It was not only training but a mini street league tournament was held for the fun of it as well as a get-together thing.
Around 30 plus players were there and it was enjoyable as the player show offs their superiority on the streets. The manager,Tengku Diman, might have a few eye catching performance from few players which the manager is hope to get ready for the next big tournament hosted by PegaStar. Not only that, Fc Phosphor is also being invited to play in a tournament on the field which is hosted by Sungai Kebun, and without adoubt,judging by the manager interest in this tournament, Fc Phosphor is raring to go and success is the only option at the moment .
To Sum up, will update again soon on the upcoming events and training once the manager gives me some information.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Am Gunners won but cheers in Phosphor camp


In the last friendly match against AM Gunners Junior, Fc Phosphor took a slight defeat of 2-1 in a poor rainy condition at the Polo club. A poor perfomance in the first half by phosphor gave AM Gunners a 2-0 lead. A terrible mistake by the central defence let to an easy goals by the opponent. But in the 2nd Half, a few changes led and marshall by manager Tengku Diman gave the opponents a few things to think about.

4 and 5 changes with a debutant starting at the second half gave phosphor most possession all along with a goal in the second half that gave the scoreline of 2-1. Basically from the eyes of the crowd, a good perfomance by debutant, Boy, shows composure in defence and play with a "Man of the Match" style performance that give phosphor more confidence unlike in the first half. While this the last match for Fc Phosphor, time will tell that fc phosphor will soon improve into a team that is good enough to be an elite club as the Manager hopes. The club show signs of being one, and patience is all we need. Selamat Berpuasa