Thursday, March 19, 2009

Trial match against Mixed Police

The game was not the good, because the weather is very bad. Saipol, Joseph, alip, faisal made their 1 st debut game in the matche. The game was fair. 19 years old Alek goalkeeper made his debut in the match. The game was end up 0-1 lost to the mixed police. 2 more striker from ex-hbt Fai and LLRC striker has been link to F.C.Phosphor. The manager hopes to see some changes.

The Manager WOULD like to see players to attend their training program everyday. To show their commitment and spirit of the club. He would like F.C.Phosphor go sucess in the future with the teamwork of the player and staff.

F.C.Phosphor trial new players

F.C.Phosphor players just came back after their 1 month holiday. As for the manager, he still searching for a new player to build up a squad for their coming matches and tournament. Chances going to DST League are still pending. The FFBD are looking a quality club to enter the DST League. The club hopes they enter the 2009 season.

Few players that are been trial to the club. Saiful from Airbase, a solid defence in the airbase before. he has a lot of experience. The manager will pair him up with Shuif. As for new striker Mohd Faisal and Alip born to be natural striker show their talent and performance to the club. Fuad from Berakas Villa, a player once play with the manager in Berakas Villa. Delfian and Joseph also trial with F.C.Phosphor. Joseph play with Lun Bawang F.C and more Delfian play with Berakas Villa before. Morsidi, Amir and 19 years old gk Alek also made their 1st friendly matches. The Friendly match trial will be held at Padang Belapan on 14 March 2009.

Few players contract are been terminated and quit. Julian, Izzat, Sebastian and Bernard quit for the club. F.C.Phosphor Goalkeeper left for the club to gain his new experience to his favourite club Jerudong F.C. He was eagerly to be get his 1st squad in there. Contract been terminated Hafiz isa and Didi.

AH United stun FC Phosphor 6-2 at polo field

Ah United stun 6-2 freindly match. F.C.Phosphor score their early goal when AH United made 3 goals in 10 mins. They lead 5-1 in the 1st half. Mohd Khairul Anuar made an open goal for F.C.Phosphor and last min goal by Abdul Muiz where the result end 6-2. Good start for F.C.Phosphor.