Thursday, October 30, 2014


FC PHOSPHOR are interview 3 players behind the scene. Lets hear Q&A from : Faiq, Adib and Zaim.

1/ What is your first FC PHOSPHOR MEMORIES?
Faiq - I won a lot of games in TELBRU u16 league and lead my squad as a team captain. Everytime i wear the captain armband i want to make the game better and better..

Adib - Its about my hair that makes the envrionment change. Hahahaha....

Zaim - My first memories FC Phosphor memories was the game when we have won against Tripas Muda with a devastating scoeline 9-2

2/ And the first game you went to.....?
Faiq - My first match was a debut with Fc Phosphor  against MS PDB in the DST FA CUP 2012. 

Adib - Went to the top. Hahahaha.... I cant remember anything but i did remember when i was injured during a match which i didnt feel anything on my leg. That match was against MIISA UTD and my debut match we drew 3-3.

Zaim - The first game I went to with FC Phosphor was the match with Tripas Muda

3/ Do you have favourite ever game match?
Faiq - All of the games i have played with Fc phosphor is my favorite game. Every game i played with my team mates are quality players, a dangerous tacticals and great coaches.

Adib - No only football my life... Hahaha... 

Zaim - My favourite ever game was every games when I am in a very good condition both physically and mentally way back in 2006 but lately FC Phosphor vs Tripas Muda was one of my favourite game since I got back to the football scene this year

4/ Who are your idol and motivation in the club?
Faiq - My idol is Thiago Silva because he’s very elegant, he commits few fouls because he’s always first to every ball and this is an important gift. He’s also fast and has good technique and these are important skills for a defender.. he's a very good defender..

Adib - Hahaha... I dont know. Hmmmmm.... A good example from the club is from the manager and the coach.
Zaim - My idol was all FC Phosphor players, coaches and managers in FC Phosphor club as we all support and motivate each other in every games and trainings. With different players, coaches and manager backgrounds, we still respect each other especially to the players who were still gaining some experiences to our local leagues and tournaments

5/ How much input does the manager have on what you do?
Faiq - In Fc Phosphor, Ive learned so many things... the important one is Discipline because the manager gave me a lot of support and advices about Discipline .. honestly , my discipline was very bad.. after the manager and the coaches gave me a lot of advices that i must change my attitude , ive changed myself step by step... without them, ill never change myself.. im thankfull to have a manager and a  management like FC Phosphor.

Adib - I dont understand the question, but i know without the club who am i right now. 

Zaim - Manager is understandable in what we, the players need. What position we like to play with, what kind of game we like to adapt and anything about football. That makes us even more stronger both physically and mentally in or out of the field. That kind of input really encourage us to win every games we played. Credits to the manager

Friday, October 24, 2014

Fc Phosphor away to BSRC FT in DST FA CUP second round

For 9 years, Fc Phosphor qualify into the second round DST FA CUP as they face the BSRC FT runner up in the premier league. 

Fc Phosphor will be prepared away games with BSRC FT at Berakas Stadium. Fc Phosphor were ready with next game against BSRC FT. Club manager Mohd Azry told the Fc Phosphor Sky News," we never estimate our opponents, but we always motivate our players to play every game as final games." Fc Phosphor will be facing BSRC FT for the first time. Mohd Naim scored his hattrick on his first match is hungry for goals. 

Aman and Zaim will be the duo midfield on the field. Their talent in touches are incredible and their movement running into space. Hilman defensive midfield Fc Phosphor will be look aggressive in this game. 

The club have reports with minor injuries with the players, but that doesnt concern the team morale. We have 25 players in the squad most of them can play excellent. Fc Phosphor players, are training very hard, their aims to win every game in the match. 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Watch Fc Phosphor highlight against Tripas Muda


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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

FC PHOSPHOR had six players in the scoresheet to win 9-2 against TRIPASMUDA

FC PHOSPHOR shock today DST FA CUP 2014 9-2 against TRIPAS MUDA.

Fc Phosphor Mohammad Naim Hj Tarif get his first hattrick in the senior squad after promotion from the class of 2012. 6 of the players been promote to the senior squad but 5 players were playing against TRIPAS MUDA. Mohammad Aman, Hilman, Faiq, Naim and Nassir played well in the match. 

Faiq the FC PHOSPHOR captain did well in the match pairing up with Nasrullah in the match. Solid defend from faiq and nasrullah. Khairul Zaim, Aman and Hilman playing very well in the midfield. Syazwan the key player in the match today did his part as a wing which he assisted a goal for Naim and netted 2 goals. In the 25 mins, FC Phosphor manage to get goals 5-0. Syazwan and Naim did their part in the first half. Khairul Zaim well played in the midfield giving the TRIPAS MUDA defender pressure by his excellent pass and his touches.
In the second half, Aman scores his first debut senior goal and indirect freekick by Hilman. 3 players from junior squad scores their first ever senior goal tonight. 

Nizam Said was a former Muara Villa Academy player get a score sheet in his first debut matches. Khairul lizam nearly scored hattrick but he miss his chances. He manage to get a scoresheet for himself with his solo run. 

FC Phosphor when slacking when FC PHOSPHOR captain faiq make a foul inside the penalty box. Romaino make his move to save but he fails to male a cleansheet. TRIPAS MUDA get a consolation goal with a mistake pass from saiful to zulfadhli, and been counter attack. The scores end up 9-2.

FAIQ                       YELLOW CARD
HILMAN                  YELLOW CARD



Saturday, October 11, 2014

FC PHOSPHOR 1-0 victory against BESA FC


Syazwan Hassan scores the only goal in the match assisted by Faisal. Few attempts goal one by one with the goal keepermfrom khairlizam miss the chances to add the goal score line. Faisal and Aman shots when out of the target in first half. Sharil did play well in the goalkeeper where he saves few shot from one by one and a dramatic save top corner shot.

In the second half the FC PHOSPHOR, manage to change few players to see the player capabilty of style playing. Naqib playing very well in the second half where he managed to score 2 goals by it was denied by the pitch condition (muddy) and hit the post. 

Match statics
Possession 51%
Shot on target 8
Scorer Syazwan

Monday, October 6, 2014

FC Phosphor edge Berakas army 2-1

The pre-season friendly match begins win a narrow win 2-1. The match was drawless in the first half with a score 0-0. Opportunity goals in the first half by Faisal when out of target. Hilman were playing his best trying a shot and was denied by the goal keeper. Mafudh header nearly went in from Naim corner kick.

In the second half, miscommunication from the defender Akes and Azim which led a goal in. But after the goal, the players make few chances. Helmi and Jas get a goal for the team. 

Player : Romain(Gk), Akes, Azim, Ijan, Zulfadhli, Hilman, Saiful, Mafudh, Nizam Said, Naim, Faisal.
Subs, Sharil(Gk), Naqib, Khairulizam, Jasman, Helmi

Match statictis

Possession             56%
Shot On Target       10
Shot Of Target        8
Yellow card             1 (Naim)
Red card                 0

Saturday, October 4, 2014


After 3 month preparations, 24 players have been register to DST FA CUP 2014. Mohammad Azry the club manager have been finalize with the current squad. "So far these are the players that will be playing for the club, after intensive training that we had. The club are looking forward to get through the quarter finals. We want to be the competitive clubs in the DST FA CUP 2014." press release during the FC PHOSPHOR meeting.

Recruiting the players, so far we manage to promote 6 players from U16 from the class of 2012. Faiq, Hilman, Aman, Nizam, Nasir and Naim. These young boys have the future and will be the club assets.

For the senior squad FCP goalkeeper Romaino will not let and concede goal. He is totally well prepare for the DST FACUP 2014. This is his 2nd FA CUP matches in the FCP history. Khai, Adib and Faisal were the only 3 senior let in this squad.

FCP U23 squad that have been promoted were Syazwan, Iz'aan and Dillah, Akhimul Mahfudh was player from FCP futsal and have been tranfer to the FC PHOSPHOR 25 players for the FA CUP.

Few players have been brought in to pair up with Khai in the central midfield together with Hilman. Zaim, Zulfadhli, Saiful and Akhimul Mahfudh are the players will be playing with Khai. In the defence Faiq will be pairing up with Akes who was once player from a super league team. They will be the last man standing for the squad. As for reserve defender Azim the youngest defender of FCP player and Alip player who been selected during the open trial of FCP.

Another 4 more new players are, Fezan, Naqib, Khairulizam and Nizam Said are the newest member to play offensive.

Friday, October 3, 2014


Tripas Muda visit Fc Phosphor Track and Field stadium for the first time draw DST FA CUP 2014 in the first round.

Fc Phosphor Manager Mohammad Azry side have prepare the DST CUP 2014 against Tripas Muda in the first round. He say our last DST FA CUP 2012 matches motivates us after losing 2-0 to the MSPDB in the first round, we lack of training and teamwork that time. But now the "NEW ERA" is coming to show the system and technique that we are going to play. We been training for the last 2 months aggressively to select the quality players that should be play in the system. 

6 players from Fc Phosphor U16 have been promoted to senior squad, that is u16 team captain Faiq, Hilman, Naim, Aman, Nizam and Nassir. These players are the class of 2012 of the club. With these players they are the future squad of the Fc Phosphor. Fc Phosphor players are bringing new faces to this club which more than 8 players. 

Tripas Muda, we never estimate them. They are one of the respected clubs in Brunei Darussalam. Every team wants to win the first game of the DST FA CUP. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014


DOJO STUDIO supports FC PHOSPHOR in PUSAT Ehsan Al-Ameerah Al-Hajjah Maryam which has launched its 9th Annual Charity Bazaar at the National Indoor Stadium in Berakas. The event run September 26, 2014 until September 28, 2014.
Present to officially open the event was Pehin Orang Kaya Pekerma Laila Diraja Dato Seri Setia Awang Haji Hazair bin Haji Abdullah, Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports.